Workshops and

Specialized Yoga Classes

Allow us to be your guide, teaching you the techniques needed to create and maintain a steady personal practice. These classes and workshops are so much more than simply learning exercises; they are about creating a healthier lifestyle. Discover the tools and develop the habits you'll need to improve your daily patterns and ultimately, your life.  Upcoming workshops are detailed below.  To schedule a more personal yoga experience or private session, scroll down for types of offerings.  

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Small Aromatherapy flyer

Yoga + Aromatherapy, Sunday, January 27th, 1:00-2:00 PM - $15 drop in/$13 Seniors 

Essential oils are a wonderful tool for supporting a healthy lifestyle - but let's face it, with so many available, which one's are right for you? How should you be using them? When do you use them? Megan Leanderson of Manawa Wellness will be answering your questions and teaching all about the benefits of essential oil use, especially as it applies to yoga and using them at yoga practices. This is an interactive hour-long workshop aimed to nourish the senses and take time for self-care. We will learn how to support and enhance our yoga & meditation practices with essential oils and attendees will have a chance to make a custom roller blend to take home. Highly recommendedfor yoga instructors who want to incorporate the use of essential oils into the classes they teach. Sign up Here

Gong flyer

"Deeply Experience Restorative Gong Yoga", Sunday, Feb. 3, 12:30-3:00 PM - Free/Donation only 

Restorative yoga class with 30 minute Live gong meditation and soothing instrumental accompainments.   This extended yoga practice will provide detailed information on technique and theory behind the benefits of Restorative Yoga practices.  Anatomical adjustments for your specific anatomy, practice guidelines and information so you can create your own restorative practice.  The class will end with a 30 minute live gong meditation.  Instructed by Joti Chandra Kaur and assistend by Danielle Sigrist.   All are welcome - pay what you can and come as you are.  Suggested donation is $20.  Space will be limited for the class and preregistration is recommended.  Sign up Here

Equanimity flyer

"Equanimity in the Embrace of Mortality", March 8-10, 2019, presented by Erin Collins, RN, BSN, CHPN, E-RYT.  Erin is an end of life doula with 15 years of experience in nursing and teaching.  She brings a warm, casual and heartfelt style to important topics that are often uncomfortable to talk about.  This series, through the eyes of yoga, looks at how we fulfillingly prepare for dying and how we travel with others who are facing end of life issues.  This series may be taken as a package of classes for $160 or each session can be purchased individually.  The course schedule is:

Friday 3/8/18, 6-8 PM Practice for the Ultimate Savasana $50:  We can practice dying every day with yoga. Savasana is the most important pose to practice as we embrace our mortality, as it allows us to let go and explore our nondual nature and the koshas.  Discussion, Savasana, and Yoga Nidra practice.

Saturday 3/9/18, 9-10:15 AM, Yoga Practice for Healthy Aging $15 This class will encourage equanimity through a parctice for strength, flexibility, balance and agility. You will leave with an experiential understanding of how a yoga practice can improve the aging process and the embrace of mortality.  Yoga and Meditation Practice (separate $15 drop-in fee) 

Saturday 3/9/18, 11 AM-1 PM Reimagine the Conversation, $50:  Ninety percent of people believe that talking about their end-of-life wishes is important; yet only 27% of them have actually done so. Talking about death won’t make you die any sooner. But exploring the topic for yourself, your family and your friends will help you understand, embrace and prepare emotionally and spiritually.   Lecture/Discussion/Q&A and small group workshop

Saturday 3/9/18, 3pm-5pm What I Want you to Know $50:  Taking the next step from the conversation, we will explore together what is involved in crafting an advance directive as well as the Love Legacy, or interactive memory project,  created either for yourself or a loved one after death.  Discussion/Q&A/ Small Group Workshop and Guided Meditation Practice

Sunday 3/10/18 10 AM-12 PM, Being with Dying $50:  How do you hold space and support someone who is facing a terminal illness? What does physical dying look like? An overview of the signs and symptoms of dying, how to provide comfort and how to hold space for someone through meditation, vigil and ritual. Learn to be present for someone at their side or from afar, with your personal practice and contemplation as your framework.   Lecture/Discussion/Q&A/Guided Meditation

Personalized Yoga Experiences:

Private Yoga

Private sessions are available to work on specific practice issues or to become more familiar with yoga and how to best meet the needs of your individual body. This is a great option if you are new to yoga. It will help you feel more comfortable in group classes.

This popular session is based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated and should be conditioned together. All of the sessions attempt to coordinate breathing and physical movement, improve focus and concentration, and help students regain control of their body and mind.

Partner Yoga

Meet up with a friend, spouse, or coworker at our studio and enjoy a yoga practice that is tailored to the two of you. Enjoy a semiprivate session to learn the basics or strengthen an existing practice. Perhaps it's a special practice to commemorate something noteworthy to you, such as an anniversary, birthday, or accomplishment. The practice can be soothing and meditative, restorative or energetic — it's about what you need in the moment.

Group Yoga

Do you need a class tailored for you and your friends? How about a yoga class for your next staff meeting - at our studio or your place of business? Want to plan a yoga class for a special event or gathering? We can put group sessions together for you at a time and in a place that meets your needs. This class will be designed and sequenced based on your input and what you are seeking in your group practice. This class centers on what you want and can be designed with a diversity of poses and modifications to suit a wide range of levels, from beginner to advanced. With this class, your group will learn and practice the tools needed to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, while also remaining mindful of internal cues and external reactions.

If you are interested in any of our specialized yoga classed contact us.