Change Your Perspective and Take Care of Your Anatomy With The Guidance Of A Certified Yoga Instructor Online

With decades of combined experience, our yoga class instructors will help enhance your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical development. There’s a reason it’s been a staple in health practices for hundreds of years. Our certified yoga instructors will systematically take you through all movements and ensure you feel comfortable and supported. Each class accounts for your particular skill level and physical needs. With our teachers' guidance and encouragement, you will find a deeper understanding of your own abilities.

Take a moment to get to know our certified yoga instructors, and you, too, will come to understand why yoga has become such an integral part of their lives.

Strong Foundations

Danielle Sigrist, Owner and Founder

Namaskar Studios is owned by Danielle Sigrist. Danielle has a BS in Psychology, with certification in Gerontology, and a Master's Degree in Pastoral Ministry, both from Santa Clara University. She also attended business school and worked 15 years in the corporate world before turning to the study of religion and spirituality. She has worked in ministry as a director of religious education, employing the philosophy of yoga to catechetical classes and religious studies for children and adults. She has studied spirituality for over 20 years, and has led spiritual retreats, taught meditation, and worked extensively in religious education. Her primary focus has been social justice, finding ways to minimize divides, affirmation of others and to always give back. Her belief has been, if she can educate others around these topics, she can make a small difference that may have a ripple effect. She believes yoga is transformative.

Danielle Sigrist

Jackie Elliot

Jackie Elliott, Founding Teacher of Namaskar Studios

Jackie grew up in the foothills of Mt Rainer, riding horses, climbing mountains, playing music, growing food and sleeping outside whenever possible. Her vacations were often in the San Juans, where she swam year round in those waters and got to know the orca pods well.

As she got older, she got serious about equestrian sports, music and dance. Around the same time she discovered yoga. She was having some joint issues after a car accident and the dance and horse riding was becoming painful. A physical therapist found she had subluxating joints and told her it would be a lifelong issue, and suggested she try yoga. she fell in love. She found it helped with her mental state,
sleep and body.

Gabby Sigrist

Gabby is a certified yoga instructor and registered RYT with the Yoga Alliance. She trained with Alanna Kaivalya, and is certified to teach the Kaivalya method. She teaches a breath inspired practice that moves at a gentle pace and cues participants into their true alignment. She is the studio's media and philosophic advisor. She works on social media and marketing content for the studio and addresses issues of equality, justice, appropriation and inclusivity head on for us. She offers resources to keep our clients up to date, inspired and motivated to be seekers. She is also part of the admin team and HR person for Everybody in Los Angeles, a special and unique health center that is devoted to creating and supporting a brave and inclusive environment for all bodies to move, strengthen and heal.

Gabby Sigrist